Do what you love, and love what you do

When I was in Nice, France <3

When I was in Nice, France <3

Have you ever day-dreamed so hard about your future it made reality come to a standstill? A day-dream so surreal, it could’ve been the present moment? For me, those day-dreams are pretty much an everyday occurrence, 24/7, literally ALL the time. Those daydreams are about doing what I actually want in life, doing what actually makes me happy, doing what actually FEELS right for me. If you’re in already nodding your head, or feeling like you relate already, then you’re probably not doing what’s right for you, neither am I. You see, we sit (or actually work) at our 8, 12, or 15hr shifts or in classes completely fuc*ing miserable and disgruntled; we know we’re worth more and could do so much better for ourselves!

But, what's holding us back from pursuing what we truly want to do!? I can probably guess: fear of losing security? fear of disappointing? unsure how to go about it? maybe you’re too comfortable? See, I relate with you too! But, in life, we have to take the risk, or we WILL lose the opportunity. I have a tattoo that says “if not now, then when,” I’d be doing a discredit to myself by not acting on that mantra. How amazing would it be to fulfill your dream of being your own boss, being a freelancer like you dream of so much, working remotely and catching that flight to Spain for the hell of it? We are all very capable of pursuing what we love to do for a living, it’s all about staying gritty and persevering through life’s adversity. I think it would be amazingly healthy for our spiritual, physical, and mental well-being!

Now, I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but with anything in life, maintaining a positive attitude and grinding to get where you want, you’ll do it… we’ll do it together! Basically, shift your mindset, yeah, your current situation is sh*tty; we need to think in terms of “what can I learn” or “ how can I grow” from a certain situation. Take a percentage of that paycheck from this sh*tty job and invest it towards that passion you so want to accomplish. That’s what I’m currently doing with my life, I just CANNOT sit around and wait for a miracle to happen. I’m investing some of my paycheck to fund the projects I’d love to be successful with one day, like this website or my YouTube channel that I’ve started posting to again.

I’m just such a firm believer in doing what makes you happy! That’s why I have “happiness”, in Spanish, tattooed on my arm. To me, being happy, that’s the pinnacle of our natural born lives. A life full of positive vibes, surrounded by good friends, creating unforgettable experiences. Just remember, every day is a new opportunity to work towards what you love! Your current situation is NOT your final destination!

With much love,