Don't worry about what people think

As I’m currently looking over my Instagram stories from last night’s New Year’s Eve party thinking how hilarious, yet, embarrassing some of the stuff I posted is - I can’t help but to also say “who gives a fu*k?”

A major theme for this year, for me, is to just live my life the way I want to and not worry about what others may think about that. Because I’ve learned, once you start caring too much about “what if someone thinks…” you inhibit yourself from acting like the true you, which is so important. You were going to take a leisurely stroll to the store in just sweatpants and a shirt, but your conscience kicked in with “ahh someone may think I’m sleazy” and you went back to the bedroom to change your outfit - am I right?

I’m just so big on happiness, and when you let external factors get in the way of what you want to do in the moment (which is crucial), you’re hindering that happiness. Post what you want to post, say what you want to say (respectfully), and do whatever it is your heart desires without the worry of other people.

You know, for a fact, we are SO worried about our own self’s that we rarely care for what others do anyway. I mean, just think about your day today - how many people do you actually remember seeing? What were the people wearing? What were they doing? Do you see where I’m getting at with this? We’re so focused on our own motives the notion of “what will they think about me” is mostly us overreacting to a situation self inflicting fear and anxiety into us - do you get me?

The pimple on the left side of your cheek? Yeah, probably unnoticeable to the person talking to you, but you’re SO stressed out over this little thing you create unnecessary anxiety for yourself - stop this. Do you know how many times I’ve done a photo shoot for someone and they say something like “wow, my eyelash was slanted!” I’m just like, no one would have noticed that if you hadn’t now focused our attention to it!

Say this with me, I WILL DO WHATEVER I WANT TO DO AND NOT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK - because you will in fact increase your happiness once you live by this. Seriously, everyday we have people always telling us how we should do things, and what not to do whether that be friends, parents, the media. . . just do YOU and live your life.

Good vibes,