NYC Fashion Week & Afterlife Debut

Just recently, we flew out to New York City for our first time, it was an unforgettable experience. We happened to be there when all the elegant, tall, and beautiful fashion models were there for New York Fashion Week. Not only that, the dynamic duo, Tale of Us, and their infamous techno label, “Afterlife,” were in town for their first time taking party-goers into a realm of consciousness at the Brooklyn Mirage.

It was an incredible night, the Brooklyn Mirage is this chic venue located in Brooklyn (hence the name) that has a large courtyard festival vibe, castle-like architecture, and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. The sounds of Afterlife DJs had the place JUMPING with bass and visuals taking one into another dimension. One of the most beautiful visuals I saw was a room dedicated to the visual artist, Quayola, whose work is stunning and is really worth checking out!

We happen to know a few key players in the business who got me on the guest list, and to them, we THANK YOU so much, as what ensued after dancing in the exclusive areas and talking around all night led to securing the pink wristband. . .

If you were able to get your hands on the infamous pink wristband that night, then you had the invite to the Afterlife After Party which, may we say, had models and agents from New York Fashion Week. Still ready to party on, my group and I left with the secret address and went on back into the city. Upon arriving at the address, we thought it would be in some other club venue; but, no, we pulled up to apartments with enough blacked out SUVs that’d make you think it was the FBI headquarters.

We went up to the door guarded by two hefty private security looking guys and with pure scrutiny, in their eyes, we walked up the stairs to the entrance, flashed our bands, and “…take the stairs…sixth floor…NO elevator…” followed. Already tired from dancing 10hrs we finally make it to the sixth floor and what followed blew our mind…

A savvy, chic, beautiful penthouse in SoHo with aerial views of Lower Manhattan full of models, DJs, and probably more influential people is what we walked into. Techno and house music filled every last void in the loft, everyone was happy, dancing, and sharing good vibes. We thought, “this is how life is supposed to be lived,” dancing and sharing good times with like-minded people that mean the most to you. Unfortunately, maybe about an hour from when we arrived, the NYPD showed up to shut the party down. Such an unforgettable night.

Around the third day of the trip, we went to get an authentic NYC bagel which my long-time friend we was staying with, George, encouraged me to do. He wasn’t wrong! Brooklyn Bagel was my shop of choice and my goodness, it was out of this world good! Definitely a must-go for anyone in NYC. Following that we took the train over to the World Trade Center; it was an incredible site architecturally and most definitely a humbling experience. May those who perished September 11, 2001 rest in eternal peace. Another highlight of the trip was visiting the fashion icon Boris Bidjan Saberi’s flagship NYC store, Boris Bidjan Saberi. Boris specializes in unique contemporary high-end men’s and woman’s clothing. If a different and non-mainstream “fit” is what you want, then we would highly recommend looking in Boris Bidjan Saberi. Thanks for reading!

New York City is a vibe!