On social media "influencers"

Maybe what I’m about to explain is very relatable, as it is with me; this is a topic that urks me like no other when it comes to social media apps, like Instagram.

Now, I know NO ONE owes anyone their time, thoughts, or compassion but when you claim to be an advocate of positivity, well-being, or a person that “influences” you HAVE to follow through. Let me explain. Time and time again I run into the situation where I’ll reach out to an account with maybe 5,000+ followers and either give gratitude to their feed - what they advocate - or to ask a question about something. Upon doing that, I’ll check the message to see if I’ve been given a reply - to my dismay, there I am, left on “seen”.

This isn’t a big deal by any means because no one owes me their time or advice, but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Maybe I'm just too nice of a human being and I expect that others will be like me and wholeheartedly help someone else with a question or advice. But, these “influencers” or social media “famous” accounts aren’t better than anyone else. I see it as disrespect in a way when I ask a genuine question about something they’re doing or showing authentic love and then get left on “seen”. It’s a kick in the face to me - which is then followed by an unfollow and lost of support to that individual.

I amassed 40k+ subscribers on my YouTube channel and every single video that had comments on them, I would find the time to go and seriously reply back and engage with my fans, even until this day. Obviously, if it’s a troll or something negative I won’t entertain them, but all else I will. I get DMs all the time asking how I travel so much, I get asked for life advice, or asked about where I went to eat, for example. I find the time to give a reply back to these people because it’s important and I’m no better just because of my follower count. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS.

I feel if you’re going to be an “influencer” or have social media clout it’s more than just advertising a product or posting carefully curated pictures of your “picture perfect” life; developing an authentic relationship with your fans or followers is imperative. I understand once you’ve reached the hundreds of thousands level of followers it’s a heavy burden to go through and reply to every single person. However, if you have the time to open the message, you can at least answer the person - that person follows you for a reason, you know.

I feel learning this critical point of gaining popularity is so important before you get too big, so you don’t become big headed and too full of yourself. For instance, if I ever took off on my business endeavors or got famous from something I’m associated with or working on, you best believe I’m going to be the same charismatic, humble, altruistic guy I am today. Once again, I’m just a very nice person at heart, so I have to remember other people just aren’t like me.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be humble. Love. Share. Enjoy. Just be nice.