Tell them how you really feel

In life, as we get older, I’ve learned it’s essential just to express yourself - honestly and truthfully express yourself and how you feel. Often times I think we suppress our true desires, thoughts, and initiatives because we’re afraid of what that person may say or think, but f*ck it.

I don’t know about you, but if you see that beautiful person across the store, go tell them what’s up, ya know? Tell them how you really feel. Or that someone that has done you dirty, but you’re too kind and forgiving of an individual to dare and create a bigger scene than needed. Tell them how you really feel. Perhaps there’s a special friend, crush, co-worker that you get along with - sometimes you may have the urge to really say to them “I appreciate you” - I know I have these moments. Tell them how you really feel.

Now, I think it is essential just to speak your mind and express to people how they make you feel, in a polite way, of course. Life’s too short to suppress our feelings and thoughts - you never know, telling someone those thoughts could end up making their day or changing their unfavorable behavior.

Speak your mind. Let people know how you feel, it’s okay. Be sincere. Be honest. Be truthful. Tell them how you really feel…