It’s currently 10:57pm in South Korea, where I’m living for the year and I am just contemplating life as I always do. I’ve always been quite an ambitious guy and I have always had an itch to go achieve things that mean a lot to me. I have SO many ideas and visions it seems almost impossible to do all of them in one life time, but that’s where I can’t let doubt and uncertainty get the best of me and neither should you. I just got done reading “On the shortness of life” by the great philosopher, Seneca, and what an amazing read that was. He basically states that life is long as long as we know how to use it properly. I believe we can go an do every endeavor and goal that budges at our conscience, but we have to find the intrinsic motivation and let go of the uncertainty that we can’t do it go. Inundating ourselves with positive, uplifting, and focused thoughts are how we achieve anything in this life. I’ve been blessed to have come this far in my life and to have seen and done so much, I know I can keep going to pursue the next level. You can too.

Much love,

-Tremayne Sullivan