We are our ONLY competition

This has been on my mind this past week so heavily, I’m finally dedicating the time to write my thoughts out.

Competition, competition, competition… “I can’t do this because of the competition”, “There’s too many people trying, it’ll never happen”, “He/she is better than me” . . . STOP. The the only competition that’s hampering you from achieving what you want is the person reading this line right now - YOU.

We have to stop letting trivial external factors get in the way of our lives and accomplishments, especially the external factor of competition. It is the uninitiated who lacks self-awareness that lets this overcome them - ultimately, to failure. We have to turn this around, and realize we control our destinies and paths, and that what we allow ourselves to think will ultimately come true.

I spoke to a girl while eating lunch this week; I always see her by herself and walking around with stress and a melancholy vibe. I went and sat next to her to ask her name and how she was - she said she just HATES her job and I proceeded to ask why, and what she would love to do if she could start tomorrow. She replied, “modelling,” and I stated why don’t you? She’s seriously pretty enough to be one - as I’m hyping her up with positive reasons, she states, “…well, the competition, networking which I don’t have. . .” Right there she’s already self-defeated.

We have to understand competition is just an alibi we use to excuse ourselves from not pursuing something - a desire. I believe when you totally ignore that there is competition and just channel that energy that you’re spending recognizing the competition - you can channel that energy on solely focusing on you and your desires. With all that drive, it should become a sickening desire that you’re so focused on you don’t have the time to think about anything else.

Do this - we are the only persons in the way of our total happiness and success. We are.

Love & happiness,

-Tremayne Sullivan