We truly inspire people around us

I’m sitting here contemplating among all the things I usually do, and the thought of inspiration holds close to heart for me. Something I don’t think we truly realize sometimes is that we have an impact on those around us - whether we believe it or not, we inspire. We tend to think nothing of it, but we’re around co-workers, friends, family, and society, in general, every day - don’t you think at least someone grows a liking to you somehow?

In my psychology class, I learned about “proximity” and how those that we grow a liking to those we see more often than others. Even if we don’t talk to them, we can grow a liking to them. So let’s think. Being at work, school, or around family members - you are doing something that catches one of their eyes in a positive light. Whether it’s your fashion sense, the way you articulate your words, your personality, how charismatic you are, or even how exciting you are - we inspire those around us.

I’m sure you can think back to a time where you saw someone doing something, and you subtly said to yourself “I want to be more like them” whatever it was, you were attracted to it.

This is why I am here to say we need to make sure we are our best and unique self ALL the time. I have started to catch on to this a lot more; for instance, at work, I tend to read a lot, edit my photos, invest my time into the things I love, since it’s my passion. My co-workers see that, and notice I’m “different” and not playing cards or “smoking and joking” with them. Because I’m dead-set on my true passions and goals. I start to notice them asking me questions about my interests, and opinions on things, and advice on things I’m good at - I see them begin to work on things they’re interested in and adore. It eventually goes full circle.

You see, you too may have noticed this in your life. Perhaps someone may have asked you about your interests, fashion sense, or hobbies and you either see them start to get in on it too - or you see them pursuing their own hobbies and interest a lot more; all because they’ve seen you!

I mean, dang, right now one of my co-workers is brushing his hair. What’s that have to do with anything? Because I brush my hair quite a lot and I have what’s called “360 waves” I always catch him staring at my hair, and then I knew; he started brushing because he likes the style I have - that’s dope.

We must be our unique, true, best, and honest self always because someone else may appreciate it in a way that inspires them.

Good vibes & love,