Why is it so hard to take ACTion?

Action is what drives neurons, action is what accelerates cars, action is what’s going to take you and I to higher levels in our life - but why don’t we take that action?

That action is right there inside of us, waiting to be used and put into motion - to manifest our ideas and dreams. If we have the energy and action to sit there and daydream about living at a tropical location, or visiting a new city, or going back to school, or getting that promotion at work - why aren’t we taking the action to get there?

It’s honestly very simple, we’re not hungry enough for what we want, and that has to stop. Too many times do I have friends and people tell me these brilliant ideas and thoughts of future endeavors, yet they don’t ACT on them. A thought or idea is no good if you don’t get out there and put it to work. Start somewhere and keep making progress.

If you want to blog, start by researching “how to blog” or “how to start my own website” - if you want to be a photographer, you don’t have to go out and buy a high-end camera that you’ll have no idea how to use at first; go out and use the one that’s always on you, your phone! It is these little things we must learn - that way, we can transform ourselves and ideas into the bigger picture we see it as.

I love action, and when I have a new idea, I GO GET IT. If I think of a new website idea or business, I’ll go buy and claim the domain name. Why would I “waste” money on an idea I have no clear direction of where to take it? Because action = motivation. If I claim the domain name, now I'm investing my money, and I need to figure out the rest of the steps to get it live.

For instance, I was holding off writing today - I told myself, I wanted to put a blog post out every single day for this year, and here it is at 11:03pm. However, me just starting to type and write my ideas out led me this exact point. I stopped procrastinating and just starting to type made me more hungry, motivated, and inspired to express today’s thoughts. You see what I mean?

Take action you all. I want you, my friends, my family - just everyone I encounter in some way to take action and achieve their dreams. Because there’s a great life out there waiting for the actionable to find and enjoy.